• Quia Tarantino

The Other Woman

Isn't it strange how #women are judged far more critically than #men when it comes to infidelity? If she was cheated on, its always "You weren't doing what it takes to keep him satisfied." If she does the cheating, she's "dishonoring her husband and family." Or if she's #TheOtherWoman, she "should have known better than to sleep with a #married man."

Who knows exactly why women seem to have it hardest when it comes to this topic? Could it be #religion, #tradition or simply the lazy practice of history to simply blame women when men do something wrong. Whatever the reason for it, I think the issue itself isn't discussed enough. In this episode of #FempiricalEvidence, we hope to magnify this issue and raise the volume of the conversation, by sharing unpopular thoughts on the matter, in an effort to change the narrative. Please listen and let us know what you think!

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